Layout 6: Thanksgiving 2013 is finally in an album!

Yay!!! It’s Wednesday!!!! ¬†I’m already exhausted! I haven’t been sleeping well, so I’m trying not to drink any caffeine after lunch time, but I’m SOOOO tired!!! Hopefully, I’ll get use to this new normal and sleep much better through the night! Anyways, I was finally able to get my Thanksgiving 2013 photos in an album! This is all thanks to Project Life by Stampin’ Up!

layout 6

layout 6 blowup

So, I don’t live anywhere close to family, and I haven’t really for a long time. In undergrad, my roommate was awesome and her family sort of adopted me for Thanksgiving. In graduate school, I still went to her family’s place until she married and started going to HIS family’s place for Thanksgiving. That is when I decided to start my own Thanksgiving tradition. Graduate school is FILLED with lots of international people that are no where close to family AND they’ve never experienced a traditional American thanksgiving! So, I started hosting an international Thanksgiving at my apartment! Since moving to Massachusetts, I didn’t know what to do with myself, but I finally started the tradition back up again this past year, and it was wonderful! There’s just something about a group of friends or family, overly full, practically napping in the living room! ūüôā

I once again used a new stamp set on this album! I hope you like it! Please leave me any comments or suggestions!



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