Layout 8: Family Pets Welcome me Home for Christmas :)

Happy Friday! So I love the animals at my parent’s house as much as I love my fur balls. These are pictures I took this past Christmas! I used some of my traditional stamps to create backgrounds on the card stock and to create my own journaling lines.



Charlie or Charlie Brown as I like to call him is an old dog. He has lots of trouble walking and standing in general these days, but he’s such a sweet heart. My parents rescued him when he was already an old dog with hardly any teeth, and he had a hard life before my parents rescued him. He’s my favorite though!  He’s a water hound and LOVES the ocean, so now he’s living out his retirement just a short walk from the ocean! He instantly turns into a young pup when his paws touch the sand! 🙂  Buster is a trouble maker, but he’s got those soul-searching brown eyes beagles are known for, so he gets away with a ton! Rosie’s a sweetheart too…she loves my mom (probably because my mom feeds her). 🙂

I once again used a new stamp set on this album! I hope you like it! Please leave me any comments or suggestions!


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