Layout #2: Happy 60th Birthday!

Boy do I love Project Life!!! I took these pictures last weekend, and if I didn’t have Project Life by Stampin’ Up!, they would still be just digital pictures in a sea of digital pictures! Probably never to be seen again! I probably should tell you these took me hours, and hours, and I slaved away the ENTIRE day….but….i really just spent 30 mins! Whoa! 30 mins! and I was watching TV too!  I didn’t feel this layout needed a lot of embellishment. Some of you know that I have a day job, and my boss is AWESOME! So Awesome, in fact, many of his former students or employees  (for lack of a better word), flew back to Massachusetts from all over the world just to tell him how awesome he is as a mentor and a friend! Great time meeting some people who I had only ever heard their names before! 🙂 I hope you like my layout!

PL Layout 2

Here is the Supply list too! Did I say this was easy?!? 🙂 

List of goodies!


    • Thanks Laura!! The big pictures are 5.75″ x 3.75″ and the small pictures are 2.75″ wide and I just told the computer to keep the dimensions so I think they are about 1.75″ high

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